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Think about where moss occurs naturally – cool, wet, shady/dappled light spots (around the base of huge tress, on banks beside fairy-tale streams etc.)
Mist closed terrariums every 2-4 weeks, depending on how many plants are in it as well as the type of moss.
Mist open terrariums with moss and ferns daily.
Mist open terrariums with Succulents only every 2-4 weeks.
Use a Moss Food mixed in with your misting water for greener lusher terrariums
Never put your moss terrarium in direct sunlight or in any place where it will get too hot.
Don’t pour water into your Terry
Don’t keep your Terry in the dark, moss and ferns are still plants, they need the stuff that’s in the sunlight, just not the heat.
Moss is very susceptible to air impurity, don’t expose it to gross stuff like air freshener or perfume.
Enjoy your Terry as much as possible. Change the scene, add people or animals or any other whimsy you come across.