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Kokedama Care

All plants require food, water and sunlight to survive. Different plants will require different amounts of each. Make sure you choose a plant that will thrive on the amount of light you can provide. Most indoor plants prefer a humid atmosphere and indirect light. Proper ventilation is necessary for good plant growth.

Here are some guidelines for your Kokedama


Weight is a good way to tell when your hanging plant requires water. Lift the ball in your hand and see if it feels ‘heavy’. If it does, then the ball has enough water for the roots. If the ball feels ‘light’ then watering is needed.

When the Kokedama feels dry, submerge it in water until fully saturated, all the bubbles have stopped and it is sinking away from the surface (approx. 30mins). Remove from water and allow to drain. The Kokedama can drip for up to 1 hour after watering depending on size.

Misting your Kokedama lightly in between watering will ensure your plant and moss loves you the most.

Correct fertilising helps to maintain lush green growth. Use an all-purpose liquid fertiliser added to the watering bucket as per instructions on the bottle. Usually Seasonally.

Displaying Kokedama

Most Kokedama are displayed by hanging from a decorative string. Hang Kokedama string gardens near a window, but not where direct sunlight will burn the moss. Bright indirect sunlight. Not Hot.

You can also keep Kokedama on a decorative dish. If you find one made of wood or stone, the live moss will begin to grow down off the soil ball and cover the stone/wood material. You can cover sitting Kokedama with glass domes. Not only does this look epic, it will help the moss retain the moisture and grow extra lush. Be careful of plant rot when covering.