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Corporate Spaces

We currently offer a range of Plant Walls which are free standing and self watering. You have the option of renting Kokedama from us to suspend on the unit, or you can purchase either our Kokedama or plants, or plants you source yourself.

The Kokedama Plant Wall is a beautiful solution for modern spaces in need of some lushness. For those restricted by space Vertical Gardens are the logical solution but are not always aesthetically appropriate. The Kokedama Plant Wall provides a contemporary and visually unique way to experience indoor plants. As much art as plant, the Kokedama provides interest and opportunity for contemplation.

The Kokedama Plant Wall comes in a standard size of 1200mm Wide, 300mm Deep and 2000mm tall. The units come in Industrial Silver as standard. Units may be custom size and/or colour.

As a leased unit, the water tank and filtration system is serviced monthly. Hired plants are swapped out for seasonal offerings to keep interest high and provide a dynamic display offering.




We also offer a custom build service for terrariums to suit any environment.