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Dry Sphagnum Moss
Dry Sphagnum Moss
Dry Sphagnum Moss Super Compact Flat Brick
Kokedama created with rehydrated Dry Sphagnum Moss
Super Big Dry 3kg Sphagnum Moss and 100gm Dry DIY Moss Brick DIY
Sphagnum Moss New Zealand Grown Natural

Dry Sphagnum Moss




We have a full family of moss products for your kokedama and terrarium needs.
The 100gm Super Flat Brick is great for posting as a gift or taking up a tiny space in your cupboard of projects yet to be started. Enough moss to make 3 micro kokedama. 
The 100gm DIY Dry Brick comes with string and instructions to make 3 micro kokedama. Less compact than the Super Flat, this moss requires less time to rehydrate and be ready to use.
The 3kg Super Big Brick is for serious production. Enough moss to make 90 micro kokedama.